The Pebble
In collaboration with Jade de Robles
& Martina Nadal

The Pebble is a soap dispenser for schools. Water is a scarce resource that, in many cases, it is not enough to clean up the microbes that we could have in our hands when we try to clean them. Depending on the area of the planet, water is polluted by germs, bacteria and some other diseases. The Pebble aims to reduce the environmental impact that is generated by cleaning our hands with water, soap and an electric dryer. This module is placed in schools in areas of transit between food-eating and play sectors. It is fulfilled with antibacterial gel and it engages the hygienic habit of children in a fun and interactive way. Moreover, the object also rethinks the current antibacterial dispensers of hospitals aesthetics. The Pebble project is designed to be applied in schools around the world, including the areas where the enterprise ROCA is collaborating withs its foundation “We Are Water”, such as India and Ecuador.

The Pebble was finalist project at the ROCA ONE DAY DESIGN CHALLENGE 2013 out of 200 people in Spain.

“Stop thinking about artworks as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.”

- Roy Ascott

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