(De)constructing Emotions
In collaboration with Gregor Woschitz

Is everybody able to express their emotions? And, are we able to understand and empathise with others? (De)constructing emotions is an interactive installation that explores a human-human communication through a tangible user interface object in the framework of affective computing; how a machine is able to detect and express emotions. Breaking away from the verbal and written language, we develop an interface that is able to transform something as abstract and subjective as emotions into something tangible. The interface is based on a binary selection tree, in which the first user is encouraged by different stimuli to discover her/his final emotion. At this point, the machine expresses this emotion to the second user, making her/him empathise with the other user emotions.

“Stop thinking about artworks as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.”

- Roy Ascott

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